The python program creates a time
varying spectrum.  The output is 
# of sine waves in the signal
start time, end time, amplitude, frequency, flag
dt,maximum time

flag indicates is -1,0,1 for decreasing amplitude,
constant amplitude, increasing amplitude.

The output of this program goes into dosig.  Dosig
creates a signal.

segment reads the signal and produces ffts for
segments of the data.  It reads in the total number
of points, the size of each fft, the offset between
segments and file names.  See

The output can be viewed using the program imagej.
The input settings for imagej are given in the file


window.f90 3294

notes 653

makefile 419

wind.f90 28125

dosig.f90 1898

imagej_setup 55

test.spec 68 36

segment.f90 2482 638

tfft.f90 2251

simple.html 2251

everything.tgz 11138