Current GECO-RA Allocations

Proposal #PITitle
120115125717C. Mark MaupinDeconstruction of Cellulosic Biomass: Biofuels & Value Added Compounds
120217023820D.V. GriffithsHomogenization of geomaterials containing voids by random fields and finite elements
120226072129Mahadevan GaneshHigh-performance computational algorithms to simulate scattering and absorption by three dimensional particles
120226081004Mahadevan GaneshSimulation of Critical Dynamics in Superconductivity and Multiscale Models
120228105005C Mark MaupinDeconstruction of Cellulosic Biomass: CpHMD Simulations of Cel7B
120229081042Lincoln CarrQuantum Many Body Physics with Ultracold Quantum Gases in Optical Lattices
120229104738Anthony M. DeanComputational Investigations into Biological Stability of Future Naval Fuels.
120229133018Mark CoffeyQuantum lattice gas algorithms for image enhancement
120229174714Cristian V. CiobanuMechanical behavior in ceramics with unusual thermo-mechanical behavior
120229184102Cristian V. CiobanuBoron-Nitrogen Doped Graphene as Electrocatalyst Fuel Cells
120301145909Branden KappesSilicon-based anodes with negligible mesoscopic volume change
120301163500Professor David M. WoodTheoretical Exploration of Novel Thermoelectric Materials
120301235351Branden KappesStructural and electronic properties of GeSn alloy nanoparticles
120301174712Zeev ShayerAdvanced Fission Nuclear Battery Reactor
120302062929Amadeu Sum; David WuInvestigations of Gas Hydrate Nucleation and Growth Using Molecular Simulations
120302065506Amadeu SumMolecular Biophysics of Biomembranes and Bionanoconstructs
120302170819Reed MaxwellHeterogeneous simulation of groundwater-surface water interactions for quantifying and predicting
surface-groundwater mixing and nutrient delivery in the Santa Fe River, Florida
120303151922Xiaolong YinDirect numerical simulation of multiphase flow and capillary water retention in porous media
120303154545Xiaolong YinDirect numerical simulation of non-Darcy flow in porous media
120304205425Reed MaxwellForecasts for wind-energy using fully-coupled simulations
120304225831Zhigang WuElectronic, optical, and transport properties of graphene nanomeshes
120304231425zhigang WuQuantum Mechanical Simulations of Complex Nanostructures for Photovoltaic Applications
120304232915Zhigang Wuelectron-phonon interaction in semiconductor nanowires
120304234044zhigang WuElectronic Structures of ZnO Nanowires
120305112132Reed MaxwellUnderstanding role of management in hydropower generation in the Klamath Basin
120305120707Reed MaxwellAn Integrated Framework for Simulating Risk from CO2 Leakage Into Groundwater
120316082754Mark LuskExciton Transport in Nanostructured Silicon
120316084420Mark LuskCharge Transport in Oxidation Resistant, Organic/Inorganic Assemblies
120316091023Mark LuskOptical Properties of Nanostructured, Inorganic Clathrates
120316093645Mark LuskHot Carrier Collection in Paracrystalline Silicon
120316094941Mark LuskQuantum Computing Logic with Quantum Dot Excitons
120228105005Mark MaupinDeconstruction of Cellulosic Biomass: CpHMD Simulations of Cel7B
120705150946Ivar ReimanisInitial Convergence Study: FEA of SiC Shell of Nuclear Fuel