Project Title

Initial Fracture Modeling with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) - MUNROU Finite Discrete Element Method (FDEM) computer code


Graham Mustoe



Mechanical Engineering

Project summary

Conduct initial FDEM simulations of fracture behavior of: 1) indirect tension rock test specimens, 2) borehole model scale tests in rock media, and 3) Explosive induced fractures in a plexi-glass block.This simulation work is part of the preparation for the CSM/LANL industrial consortium project which is to be submitted to a group of oil and gas companies, and mining and industrial explosives technology companies in late fall 2013. The CSM/LANL consortium project is proposing the development, verification and validation of a highly efficient parallelized FDEM code for the analysis of large scale problems in unconventional oil and gas developments, advanced mining systems and the optimization of the use of industrial explosives.

Commercial software

The MUNROU computer code which will be supplied to CSM by LANL's Earth and Environmental Sciences Division, Geodynamics Group.

Open Source software

Pre- and Post Processing codes, Paraview and LS-PrePost