Project Title

Modeling particulate granular flow of cohesive materials using the Discrete Element Method


Graham Mustoe



Mechanical Engineering

Project summary

Investigate and develop a new macroscopic cohesion model for use in the Discrete Element Method (DEM) approach to the flow-ability of granular systems containing a large number of particles. DEM is well adapted to simulate granular media with a great number of interfaces and relies on the basic laws of contact and the Mohr-Coulomb stress laws to describe the interactions between spherical or non-spherical particles. The number of discrete elements in a typical simulation ranges from several thousand to 2-3 million and thus requires a significant amount of computational resources based on the number of particles in the system. This work investigates the microscopic local material properties and produces a cohesive DEM model that induces the desired behaviors at the macroscopic scale.

Commercial software

None required

Open Source software

LIGGGHTS Open source Discrete Element Method Particle Simulation Code