Project Title

Simulations of Molecules in Optical Lattices Using MPS


Lincoln Carr




Project summary

This is a continuation funding request from the previous GECO proposal. We are working on a series of problems involving ultracold quantum gases in optical lattices. Our projects include the following. (1) Dynamical solution of Hubbard models in one dimension via matrix product state codes, a new set of quantum many body code which we support (see below). In particular, we will work on our newly invented Fermi-Resonance Hamiltonians over the next six months, to treat the unsolved problem of pairing of strongly correlated fermions into bosons in a discrete lattice context. (2) Dynamical evolution of ultracold molecules via the Molecular Hubbard Hamiltonian. This is the next wave of ultracold physics. (3) Modeling the complex and chaotic dynamics of nonlinear spin waves in active feedback rings with a perturbed nonlinear Schodinger equation.

Commercial software


Open Source software

Time-Evolving Block Decimation Open Source Code, v2.0 (available at )

Open Source MPS (presently in alpha version, available upon request)