CSM - HPC Projects with Allocations on BlueM - Summer 2013

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Proposal #PIEmailTitle
130625144418John R. Dorganjdorgan@mines.eduEfficient Simulation of Melt Viscoelasticity of Varied Polymer Mixture
130630190159Paul Savapsava@mines.eduRadar Imaging of Asteroid Interiors
130630190212Paul Savapsava@mines.eduImaging the Earth Interior using Virtual Seismic Electrodes
130709101531Terri S. Hoguethogue@mines.eduModeling the Urban Semiarid Environment
130710144929Branden Kappesbkappes@mines.eduA high throughput computational framework applied to advanced battery materials
130711032902Xiaolong Yinxyin@mines.eduNumerical simulation of flow and transport in porous media
130712080329Amadeu Sumasum@mines.eduMolecular Biophysics of Biomembranes and Bionanoconstructs
130712081818Vladan Stevanovicvstevano@mines.eduHigh-throughput first principles calculations of redox thermochemistry in nonstoichiometric oxides for solar thermochemical fuel production
130712082245Amadeu Sumasum@mines.eduInvestigations of Gas Hydrate Nucleation and Growth Using Molecular Simulations
130712082348Dr. Anthony M. Dean & Dr. C Mark Maupinamdean@mines.edu & cmmaupin@mines.eduComputational Investigations into Biological Stability of Future Naval Fuels
130712084323Dr. C Mark Maupincmmaupin@mines.eduDeconstruction of Cellulosic Biomass: Biofuels & Value Added Compounds
130712084858Dr. C Mark Maupincmmaupin@mines.eduDeconstruction of Cellulosic Biomass: CpHMD Simulations of Cel7B
130712105832Vladan Stevanovicvstevano@mines.eduDMREF/Collaborative Research: Computationally Driven Targeting of Advanced Thermoelectric Materials
130712151004Reed Maxwellrmaxwell@mines.eduModeling the hydrologic impacts of widespread land cover change from the Mountain Pine Beetle in the Rocky Mountain West
130712152916Reed Maxwellrmaxwell@mines.eduInvestigating the effects of isotopic transport and fractionation on inferred water ages in an integrated hydrologic system
130712161322Cristian V. Ciobanucciobanu@mines.eduMechanical behavior in ceramics with unusual thermo- mechanical properties
130712163453Cristian V. Ciobanucciobanu@mines.eduMolecular Dynamics Simulations of Collagen and S-layer Assemblies
130712192406Reed Maxwellrmaxwell@mines.eduInvestigating feedbacks between regional irrigation and water energy budgets in the Little Washita Basin, Oklahoma
130712192923Reed Maxwellrmaxwell@mines.eduRe-Inventing the Nation's Urban Water Infrastructure: Assessing hydrologic impacts of urbanization using high resolution models
130712234005David Wu and Jenifer Braleydwu@mines.eduMolecular Dynamics Study of Biphasic Liquid-Liquid System Relevant to Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Study of TBP-Nitric Acid-Water System
130713213714Mahadevan Ganeshmganesh@mines.eduHPC algorithms to simulate scattering and absorption by deterministic and stoca
130713224702Mahadevan Ganeshmganesh@mines.eduSimulation of Dynamics in Multiscale and Evolution Models
130715235305Zhigang Wuzhiwu@mines.eduQuantum Mechanical Simulations of Complex Nanostructures for Photovoltaic Applications
130716172321Zhigang Wuzhiwu@mines.eduElectronic and optical properties of silicon clathrates
130716183709Lincoln Carrlcarr@mymail.mines.eduSimulations of Molecules in Optical Lattices Using MPS
130718141507Mark T. Luskmlusk@mines.eduCharge Transport in Quantum Dot Assemblies
130718143708Mark T. Luskmlusk@mines.eduPartially Coherent Exciton Transport in Quantum Dot Mesomaterials
130718145654Mark T. Luskmlusk@mines.eduEnergy Pooling
130718151859Mark T. Luskmlusk@mines.eduMultiple Exciton Generation in Small Optical Gap Silicon Quantum Dots Allotropes
130718154630Mark T. Luskmlusk@mines.eduExciton Transport in Organic Complexes: Hopping v. Tunneling
130720164204Graham Mustoegmustoe@mines.comModeling particulate granular flow of cohesive materials using the Discrete Element Method
130721180325Graham Mustoegmustoe@mines.comInitial Fracture Modeling with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) - MUNROU Finite Discrete Element Method (FDEM) computer code