Fall 2017 Tutorials Link

Overview of Mio and Local commands

RMACC 2018 mpi4py

Materials from recent workshops and a guide
for setting up remote access to BlueM

Linux for HPC Linux
HPC Overview HPC-Overview.pdf
Overview of BlueM newblue.pdf

MPI Part 1 mpi01.pdf
MPI Part 2 mpi02.pdf
Finite Difference Code in MPI (description) stoma.pdf
Finite Difference Code in MPI (basic versions) stomb.pdf
Finite Difference Code in MPI (advanced versions) stomc.pdf
OpenMP openmp.pdf
Hybrid MPI/OpenMP hybrid.pdf

Source code for the Above Tutorials examples

Source code showing how to make tiff files in parallel with MPI-IO tiff

Full List of Tutorial Examples
(very large - growing list)

Fortran 90 for Fortran .le. 77 Programmers Fortran 90

Batch Scripting for Parallel Systems
Updated to include SLURM examples

Connecting to Mio/AuN/Mc2
Setting up Keys