Machine Learning on the Power8 nodes

We have the IBM PowerAI machine learning framework available on Mio's Power8 GPU enabled nodes. PowerAI release 3.4 provides software packages for several Deep Learning frameworks, supporting libraries, and tools:

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Machine Learning on Power8 and x86 nodes (deprecated)

The package Theano can be used for machine learning. It is available both on the regular Mio X86 nodes and on the Power 8 nodes. It runs well on the GPUs attached to the Power 8 nodes. We have some run scripts and some slightly modified examples from the Deep Learning Tutorial from the University of Montreal.

As you can see above Theano is available as part of the IBM PowerAI. It is advised that you use the Power 8 GPU enabled nodes to run Machine Learning codes. However, if you need to run on both the the Power 8 nodes and/or the X86 nodes click here