Node Configuration

Mio has two Intel Phi enhanced nodes. Each of the nodes has 4 Phi 5510P cards. Each Phi card contains 60 cores, 8GB memory, and supports 240 threads. The configuration is diagrammed below.


An "information dump" for one of the cards is given here. Except for the device number and name the information is identical for each card.

If you are logged on to phi001 or phi002 you can reference the cards connected to that nodes for the purpose of launching a job as mic0, mic1, mic2, and mic3. They can also be referenced from mio or another node as phi001-mic0, phi001-mic1, phi001-mic2, and phi001-mic3 and phi002-mic0, phi002-mic1, phi002-mic2, and phi002-mic3.

The specifications of the card family can be found here along with a Product Brief.

Modes of operation

The cards can be run in several modes. They support:

Examples of running in these modes can be found here

To run the examples on Mio...

[joeuser@mio001 ~]$ mkdir dophi
[joeuser@mio001 ~]$ cd dophi
[joeuser@mio001 dophi]$ wget
[joeuser@mio001 dophi]$ tar -xzf phi.tgz 
[joeuser@mio001 dophi]$ ls */README
basic/README  coi/README  directive/README  mpi_openmp/README
[joeuser@mio001 dophi]$ 

Then follow the instructions in the README files.

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