We have two distinct HPC platforms at Mines:

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BlueM actually has two separate compute platforms and AuN (Golden) and Mc2 (energy) share a file system and are accessed through the frontend machine, BlueM.


Mio is a shared resource funded in part by the Mines Administration and in part by money from individual researchers. Mio came on line March 2010. Initially it was a relatively small cluster dedicated to a single group of research projects. Mio grew quickly into a supercomputing class machine, now bigger than AuN.

Mines funds provide the infrastructure; individual researchers can purchase compute nodes that are added to the cluster. The researchers own their nodes, that is, they have exclusive access when they need them. A number of the nodes were purchased using TechFee money so they belong to students.

Getting Accounts


A researcher who owns nodes on Mio can add people to the machine by emailing Researchers who do not own nodes are not allowed to access Mio.

Students who are not currently working for a professor can also email Students who are working for a professor are not allowed to get Mio accounts unless their professor owns nodes. This is to prevent a professor from getting free access to a machine for which others have paid.

Information about purchasing nodes can also be obtained via The most recent (Feb 2016) specs for nodes are:


Access to BlueM is via a proposal process. We periodically have a call for proposals. In between calls researchers can still request an account by filling out the form at Only faculty are allowed to request accounts. After the account is granted they can request that their students be authorized to have an account also.