How do I get help?

1] Use our email hotline hpcinfo!

The HPC group responds as soon as possible to hpcinfo requests. Our service hours are 8am - 5pm M-F, with off-hours assistance at our discretion. We exist to facilitate researchers’ computational goals, and we all proudly take that mission seriously.

Email us at!

2] Consult the FAQs on our website!

Our FAQ page offers additional useful links.

3] Avail yourself of our plentiful Examples and Tutorials!

The link to How_do_I_do_a_simple_build_and_run shows how to build and run a simple example. A good resource if you encounter problems during your research; check your approach by trying this again;

Show_me_some_local_HPC_tutorials has links to many tutorials;

See How_do_I_connect? for information about connecting to HPC platforms;

If you are new to Linux then you might find the link I_am_new_to_linux_Help useful.

4] For higher-level, targeted scenarios, examine our campus HPC-specific Tech Reports!

The Mines HPC Group Tech Reports provide some obscure but maybe useful discussions of advanced topics.