Golden Energy Computing Organization Founding Investigators

Colorado School of Mines

Lincoln Carr
Quantum many body theory, artificial materials, nonlinear dynamics
James Ely
Predictive thermophysical property models, computer simulation, thermophysical property measurements
Mahadevan Ganesh
Fast, high-order algorithms for acoustic and electromagnetic scattering and inverse scattering
Hossein Kazemi
Transient testing in wells, petroleum reservoir simulation, improved/enhanced oil recovery
Dag Nummedal
Subsurface (geological) and terrestrial carbon sequestration
Mark Lusk
Computational quantum physics with application to electronic structure of surfaces, charge transport, and photoelectrochemistry
Paul Sava
Seismic imaging and tomography, computational methods for wave propagation, optimization and high performance computing
David Wu
Theory and simulation of complex materials, including polymers, colloids, viral self-assembly and granular materials

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Michael Crowley
Molecular dynamics simulation of cellulases and cellulosomes and development of computational tools
Michael Himmel
Protein engineering and specifically cellulases, cellulase enzyme technology, protein purification and characterization
Mark Nimlos
Quantum mechanical modeling of the decomposition of biopolymers and sugars and molecular dynamics modeling of cellulase enzymes

National Center for Atmospheric Research

Lawrence Buja
Simulation of the earth's past, present and future climate using NCAR's Community Climate System Model
Warren Washington
Atmospheric science and climate research with a specialization in computer modeling of the earth's climate


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