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UPDATE: Mio is back

HPC users,

Thu Aug  9 17:59:59 MDT 2018

	Mio and it’s file system are back on line.

	A HUGE thanks goes out to Mike!  He worked on this late
into the night and again today.

	The Mio file system is front ended by two servers.  With
the power outage both servers suffered damage and the file
system was unreachable.  Their motherboards will need to be
replaced.  Mike cobbled together an old server  to temporarily
replace the damaged servers.  Mike also facilitated the
beginning of the paperwork process for ordering the
replacement parts.  Cherie was able to further expedite the
process.  It will still be a few days before we have
replacement parts.

	Users should now be able to access the file system and run
on Mio. Most people will not notice a change in performance
from running on the temporary server.

	This is a good opportunity to remind users that backups
are not done on the data on the HPC platforms.  It is the
user’s responsibility to back up their data.