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Second head node for Mio, mio002

We have added a second head node for Mio, mio002.

You can access this node by directly logging on to

Advantages and changes:


 mio002 has 12 cores mio001 has 8
 mio002 has 32 GB vs 16 GB
 Westmere processor instead of Clovertown (2 genrations newer)

	Updated OS CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)
	Updated module system

The newer generation processor allows people to run the Intel
versions of Python.  Intel Python contains many common packages.

Intel Python can be added to your path by running the module 

[tkaiser@mio002 ~]$ module load Compiler/python/3/3.6/comercial/intel/2018_1
[tkaiser@mio002 ~]$ module load Compiler/python/2/2.7/comercial/intel/2018_1

[tkaiser@mio002 ~]$ which python3
[tkaiser@mio002 ~]$ which python
[tkaiser@mio002 ~]$ 

Applications built on mio002 should run on all compute nodes.  NOTE: in general,
the python version discussed above will not run on mio001.

Also, we have a compute node, compute084, that is also running CentOS Linux 
release 7.5.1804.  You can assess this node by specifying the compute7 partition
in you job scripts.

Timothy H. Kaiser, Ph.D.