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REMINDER: January 29th extended downtime for AuN

	REMINDER: There will be an extended downtime for AuN the 
week of January 29th.

	Please read this entire message.  It contains information
which could effect your research and class schedules, including
a planned extended down time for BlueM.

	There are two big HPC news updates to share.  As we have
discussed in the past BlueM is being moved from NREL back to
campus and we are in the process of purchasing a new HPC

	As of yesterday we finally have a tentative schedule for
the move of BlueM and we received best and final offers from
vendors for the new platform.  We should be making a decision
on the new machine the first week in January.

	The move of BlueM has been in the works for over a year. 
There was a minor hiccup in the plans given to us recently. 
IBM is dropping support for the Blue Gene line.  Because of
the lack of support and a number of related issues we have
made the decision to retire Mc2.  The major users of Mc2 were
notified of this decision some time ago.  Since Mc2 and AuN
share a file system scratch data created on Mc2 will be
available even after it is retired.  Home directories will be
available for a short time also.

	The new machine will double the compute capability of Mc2.

	We want to thank NREL for hosting BlueM.  We are moving
because they need the space, power, and cooling capacity for a
new machine they are purchasing.  They are having a machine
room shutdown in February to prep for the new machine and
asked us to be out by that time.

	Obviously the move of BlueM will require an extended
shutdown.  We had hoped to have this done between semesters
but we could just not get everything orchestrated for that
time.  We are planning a shutdown and move of BlueM the week
of January 29th.  This is a much less complicated move than
the move to NREL so we hope to be back up the next week. 
Sorry for the inconvenience.

	As always, if you need compute resources for classes Mio
is available.  Please let us know of your needs.

	I am very excited about our new machine.  We will share
details when we can.  What I can tell you now is that it will
have a compute capability of 200 Tflops, with up to 384 Gbytes
per node, a new file system and it will be water cooled.