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Upcoming HPC Conference Information

To All Mines HPC Users:

The HPC group would like to encourage any and all users of 
	Mc2, AuN and Mio to participate in one or both of two 
	upcoming high-performance computing conferences.  These
	events are exceptional venues for displaying and sharing
	leading-edge research at Mines, and gaining exposure
	to other organizations' current research directions.
	They provide excellent networking opportunities, and
	feature useful tutorials and other learning

In chronological order, the first event is the RMACC High
	Performance Computing Symposium; which runs from
	August 15 through August 17, 2017.  This convention,
	held at CU Boulder this year, is arranged by our local 
	HPC organization RMACC (Rocky Mountain Advanced 
	Computing Consortium), of which Mines is a founding member.  
	(Aside: RMACC serves members through meetings and interaction, 
	vendor workshops, HPC seminars and networking opportunites.)

This annual HPC announcement email is being sent earlier
	than usual, and details other than confirmed dates for 
	the RMACC symposium are not yet available.  Past offerings
	include beginner tutorials, more tutorials, presentations
	and workshops and a variety of other activities.  Especially
	important for students is the RMACC Virtual Poster Competition;
	the author/presenter of the winning entry from each school
	will be rewarded with a trip to SC17 in November.  Submission
	deadlines and other critical particulars, such as parking and
	registration fees, will be posted as they become available at
We (Mines and RMACC) especially urge students to take
	advantage of neighborhood opportunities like the RMACC
	symposium, and in that spirit we are entertaining the 
	possibility of providing limited funds for qualifying 
	students to participate in RMACC’s HPC symposium.  
	Another probable option for students: if you would like 
	to volunteer in lieu of a registration fee, please 
	contact RMACC at rmacc@colorado.edu.

The second HPC convention to which we encourage
	attendance is SC17.  SC17, or the 2017 staging of The
	International Conference for High Performance Computing,
	Networking, Storage and Analysis, runs from November
	12, 2017 to November 17, 2017 and is in Denver this year! 
	SC17 is a highly influential, prominent, well-attended 
	and well-respected international convention featuring 
	HPC and scientific applications and innovations from
	around the world.  The technical program is the
	centerpiece of the conference and is most
	competitive; it includes invited talks, panels,
	research papers, tutorials, workshops and posters.
	Technologies developed and implemented in industry,
	academia and government research labs are presented
	and discussed, some making their debut.  The
	conference is aimed at scientists, engineers,
	researchers, educators, programmers, system
	administrators and developers, and continues to
	emphasize, build and broaden its focus on the HPC
	student community.

For SC17, there are several opportunities for students,
	both graduate and undergraduate.  Deadlines
	are fast-approaching, however, and to partake in
	SC17, swift action is in order.  The submission period
	for the Student Cluster Competition is nearly upon us
    (April 07, 2017), and I will make every effort to provide
	a more timely reminder for SC18. The remaining possibilities, 
	all empowering and potentially very beneficial, include 
	being a student volunteer, joining a program titled 
	'Experiencing HPC for Undergraduates' that introduces 
	different facets of computing with respect to research 
	and employment (application deadline July 10, 2017) and 
	submitting a poster to ACM Student Research Competition 
	Posters, whose purpose is to be an introductory route for
	students to present research to a broad audience, and
	to gain experience with the research poster session
	(with an eye toward future participation in the
	technical program).  The deadline for submission of
	student posters is July 31, 2017; more information can
	be found at http://sc17.supercomputing.org/submitters

Specifically for graduate students nearing the end of their
	PhD (within 12 months of defending), a chance for some
	valuable exposure of their work to a large swath of the
	HPC community is afforded by the Doctoral Showcase program.
	Requirements and other details are explained at

Additional offerings available to students who join
	Students@SC include a Student-Postdoc Job Fair and a
	Mentor/Protégé program.  The SC17 link to student
	information is: http://sc17.supercomputing.org
	/studentssc/.  The main website for SC17, with information 
	on registration, schedules, hotel options and other 
	pertinent categories, is http://sc17.supercomputing.org.

We hope that this brief outline of the RMACC Symposium
	and of SC17 piques your interest and helps you decide
	to enhance your HPC exposure and experience by
	participating in one or both.  The websites:


    provide comprehensive details about each, and if I
    can be of further assistance, please contact me.

Thank you. 

Torey Battelle, PhD 
Computational & Research Support Scientist