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Mio power test

Mio Users,

For the next several days I will be running *MANY*
jobs on Mio.  The purpose of these jobs is to ensure
that the machine is close to fully loaded to get a
measure of power usage.

This should have a minimal effect on your jobs.

(1) The jobs will only be launched on idel nodes, as usual.

(2) New jobs will only be submitted if there are idel nodes 
available, that is, the queue will not be stuffed.

(3)The jobs are relatively quick, a few minutes.

(4) The jobs are run at a lower priority so your jobs should
start before mine.

(5) The jobs are run in the normal queue so if you own nodes
on Mio you can preempt my jobs.  (Please do so. It is better
to have real work being done.) 

Let us know if you have questions.