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--x11 flag: Improper X11 forwarding on Mio and AuN generating error

--x11 flag: Improper X11 forwarding on Mio and AuN may now produce error instead of warning

You can get an interactive session on compute nodes
using a command such as:

srun -N 1 --time=00:55:00 --tasks-per-node=8  --x11 --pty bash

This would give you a single compute node on with at least 8
cores for 55 minutes For example:

[tkaiser@mio001 hadoop]$ srun -N 1 --time=00:55:00 --tasks-per-node=8   --pty bash
[tkaiser@compute127 hadoop]$ 
[tkaiser@compute127 hadoop]$ hostname
[tkaiser@compute127 hadoop]$ 
[tkaiser@compute127 hadoop]$ 
[tkaiser@compute127 hadoop]$ printenv | grep SLURM | grep =8
[tkaiser@compute127 hadoop]$ 

We updated the scheduler last week.  Previously, if you specified
the --x11 flag and did not have your "home" machine set up to do 
x11 forwarding it returned a warning.  Now it returns an error.  To
prevent this error please do not use the --x11 flag unless you are
actually running X11 based programs on compute nodes.  See below
for the error message and "fix."

[tkaiser@mio001 hadoop]$ srun -N 1 --time=00:55:00 --tasks-per-node=8  --x11 --pty bash
srun: error: No DISPLAY variable set, cannot setup x11 forwarding.
[tkaiser@mio001 hadoop]$ 
[tkaiser@mio001 hadoop]$ srun -N 1 --time=00:55:00 --tasks-per-node=8        --pty bash
[tkaiser@compute127 hadoop]$